Linwood Avenue

headboards and chandeliers

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i hit the jackpot thrifting last week - finding good stuff is a better high than drugs!

i got accepted to be a vendor at the revival in atlanta this summer and my festival brain has been spinning. i took a break from festivals this past year because of some unfortunate experiences, but when i read about this one, i knew i had to give it a go.

so last week, joy and i headed to one of our secret locations (actually it's two thrift stores right next to one another). not many people venture here because it isn't in the greatest part of atlanta, but really, it is all in your mindset.

this headboard was my find of the year. why, you might ask? well, because it is $5. yes, $5 for the head board and foot board combined. i went right out and bought some lovely yellow and grey chalk paint and i cannot wait to give this piece a make over.

the other thing i have sworn off is chandeliers. i really love giving them new life, but it is a logistics thing for me - they just don't travel well. but, i am going back on this break as well. one is a brass and white ceramic chandelier and the other brass one is a 3 tier chandelier. it is huge and beautiful. i plan on spraying it 3 consecutive colors of blue to give it the ever trendy ombre look.