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sailing and relaxing

traveltiffin mills3 Comments
surprise! i snuck away last week for a much needed vacation! last sunday, my husband and i along with 2 other couple friends headed to the british virgin islands and boarded a catamaran for a once in a lifetime vacation. when people would ask where i was going, i told them and then i said "this is so not my life!"

we had 8 days of beautiful weather, great food and lots of relaxing. although, the relaxation might have been brought on by too many fruity drinks - namely one called the pain killer.

one of our favorite stops was potters restaurant on the island of anegada. i wish my backyard could permanently look like this!

the absolute best part about this stop were the HUGE lobsters we ate for dinner. they were bigger than my head!

now it is back to the real world. however, with all my relaxing, i am having a hard time entering the world of blog reading and twittering, so it might be slow going for a bit.