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since i have been creating a lot of turorials for may arts and my make-it section of the blog, i have come to realize that there are a few studio items that i go to for everything. i am always on the hunt for new to me products so i thought you might be as well and would like to know my top 5 tools. (which in no way have sponsored this post - i just like them and wanted to share the knowledge ;)

super 77 spray glue: i have talked about my love for this product here before, but really, it is amazing. i spent over 10 years of my life working in advertising agencies and this was the number one item stocked in every office. i have most likely inhaled way too much of it, spraying it in random stairwells when a ventilated spray booth wasn't handy, but what can you do. this is the ultimate "glue stick". i use it when i need to adhere paper to anything. it has a near permanent bond and dries immediately. it's also great to use as an adhesive when adding glitter. tips: spray outside and keep away from your fingers - it is not fun at all to pick this stuff out of your nail beds.

matte gel medium: i am new to the product, but have acquired a quick dependence on it. it seems that golden's brand is the go to for artists, but before i knew that, i bought the utrecht brand. the containers have a wide opening so you can dip your brush right into the pot which is great. i use this in place of mod-podge for any of the new canvases i have made. a coating underneath and a coating on top seals everything up perfectly.

aleene's clear tacky glue: this glue is my grown up version of elmers. i use it on fabric, paper, beads, glitter, ribbon. it is clear and dries pretty quickly.

various scissors: i have scissors specific to fabric and paper (each one labeled with a death threat if used for the other). then i have a set of pinking sheers which makes sharp triangles when cut and a set of scalloped scissors which creates, well, scallops. everyone should really have more than one set of scissors in their studio.

disappearing ink pen: this could be the most used item in my arsenal. this pen is amazing, you write on fabric with it and it will eventually disappear. i tried to use sewing chalk pencils for a while, but the tip of the pencils would get rubbed down quite easily and i would end up marking a super thick line. obviously, you can use the disappearing pen to make pattern notations when sewing, but i use it a lot in my fabric canvas art. i write in script on the fabric and then have a guideline for my word embroidery. i can pinpoint exact marking of where i want to place a button or even do a light sketch. whatever you do, you don't have to worry about messing up, because it will eventually disappear.

so those are my current go-to items. any favorites from your studio that you want to share?

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