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another estate sale and goodies

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estate sale show and tell time! i went to the best sale last thursday and i can't wait to share what i found... this was in an iffy part of atlanta, but as soon as i saw the preview pics online, i was hooked. i begged my partner in crime to go because i just had a feeling about this sale. you know "that" feeling when you can think of nothing else and look through the pics to the point that you have them all memorized. well, the sale did not let us down. the woman's name was lucille and we were told she used to own a hat shop in atlanta. the vintage clothes, linens and craft items where everywhere! i don't think the napkins above are particularly old, but i loved the lemony yellow.

she was a huge canner and these tags were stuffed into an old canning jar. yes, i can buy these tags anywhere, but the age and stain cannot be bought new - perfect for my artwork.

ever since i used these hoops for my christmas ornaments, i have been obsessed with making mini wreaths. i use these wooden drapery hooks, but they are a bit pricey. when i came across a bag of about 30 for $2, i snapped them up!

lots of vintage wrapping paper for my canvas art. plus i also found these cool rolls plastic backed foil. we finally figured out that they are what potted plants used to be wrapped it - thanks joy! the colors are so bright and luscious.

and, do you ever doubt that i can leave an estate sale without snatching up vintage ornaments? you know i have an addiction when i put christmas ornaments on my blog in the spring, but i love them. these are all the best easter colors, so i actually have used them in my dining table easter decoration.

mixed into the basket of ornaments, i discovered these gems when i got home. they are obviously homemade and are so, so, so sweet!

what things have you rescued from an estate sale lately?