Linwood Avenue

color and canvases

crafttiffin mills1 Comment
is this not one of the most beautiful pieces of tatting you have ever seen?

i am not biased at all because  a) i did not make it and b) i don't even own it.

my artsy friend, jenni horne bought it a few weeks ago and i had to borrow it to drool over for a little while. if i can't own it myself, i can at least photograph it, right?

learning to tat has been on my wish list for many, many years now. at one point in time, i even checked out an ancient how to book from the library, but it sat on my studio table for 2 weeks without the spine even being cracked and then it was time for it to go back to the library. then when i was home over thanksgiving, my mom and i were going through her art supplies and she showed me a bunch of tatting needles from my grandmother and that sparked my interest once again. i have a feeling 2012 is my year to learn to tat... at least it sounds good in march, someone check back with me in december.

speaking of my friend jenni, she is starting a really lovely blog project here. click through to read all the details, but the short of it is she turned 40 on monday and is dedicating her entire 40th year to painting a canvas a week. at the end she will have 52 canvas and a gallery show to show for all her hard work.