Linwood Avenue

piedmont park and intown living

tiffin mills2 Comments
lately, i have been venturing into atlanta and meeting a friend for a walk around piedmont park. i miss my days of living in town more than i should admit, so i love my weekly drives back to the place i adored in my early 20s.

piedmont park is in the heart of downtown atlanta with city views whichever way you look. but there is so much natural beauty as well.

does anyone have an idea what tree these pink blooms are from? the flowers look just like carnations, but only they aren't.

then, on my way back to the car, i can't help but sneak a peak into the lives of the people who live on the edge of the park.

this rental house is right next to one of the park entrances and i have been enamored with the place for over 15 years. i couldn't resist taking a pic of this entry with daytime twinkle lights. i think i would be constantly inspired walking through an entrance like this every day.

then i pass by this house and i can't help imagining some paint stripper and a little tlc on these doors. i have no idea what kind of room these doors open up onto, in fact, it is very clear the current owner never opens them. i think it would make a fabulous studio. i would sit at my desk all day long with the doors wide open to let all the fresh air in.

sometimes i think half my day is spent day dreaming...