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products and a mess

businesstiffin mills1 Comment
i have so many pics taken that i really want to share, but somehow i can't get past the mess in my dining room right now!

i am prepping for a show at the end of june and my dining room has pretty much been useless for the past couple of weeks. this show is a bit different, so you will find my usual items, plus a bunch of new things. spy the cream buffet in the right background? yep, that is coming with me! and the tinsel love hearts in the foreground? yep, another new "love"ly. haha!

my poor husband is so understanding - i asked him if he wanted me to cart all this stuff up to the guest room upstairs and he said no, that it didn't bother him. i sure do love him, cause the mess bothers the hell out of me :)

more randomness to follow...