Linwood Avenue

rain, roads and loot

thriftingtiffin millsComment
my pilgrimage of yard saling which coincides with the bi-annual Cotton Pickin Fair festival weekend happened last friday. due to a very rainy night and morning, we pulled on our rain boots and were off! it is a long day full of sights like this..

and i had high hopes for amazing loot, but i only ended up with this...

well, this and a round side table that is pretty cool. thrifting is my crack - i honestly get a high off of it, so when the day is so so, i crash really hard.

the favorite find i ended up with is spools and spools of vintage tinsel (background of photo) which i have already repurposed into something pretty cool. are you following me on instagram under "linwoodavenue"? if you are, then you already have an idea of what my brain conjured up :)