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a wooden chair and some attention

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meet my latest project.

i found this chair at a yard sale and the people pretty much paid me to take it away. seriously, this beauty was less than a value meal at your favorite fast food place. it is an old wooden swivel office chair that also sports castors and a moveable back. it was another love at first site moment for me!

the chair had been painted black at one point in time, but most of that has worn off. i loved the aged finish, so all i did was clean it up a bit and then gave it a coat of danish oil. to spruce her up, i added a strip of gold leaf running down the sides (inspired by this piece) and then came time for my favorite part - adding fabric.

i am obsessed with the final product and can't wait til i can display it at the vintage show i am doing at the end of june. more on that to come...