Linwood Avenue

bags and a traveling show

festivalstiffin mills4 Comments
right about the time you are reading this, i am white knuckle driving through the streets of downtown atlanta preparing to unload for a festival weekend. driving in town normally doesn't bother me, but when you have a car load of breakable stuff filled to the roof and you cannot see anything behind you, all while frequently looking out of your sunroof to make sure the 2 screen display doors strapped to your roof haven't flown off, well, it makes for a stressful hour.

if you are in atlanta and 107 degree temperatures don't scare you off, stop by the vintage revival festival and the goat farm and say hello. i love meeting my blog readers and i will definitely need some entertainment to get my mind off the fact that i will literally be melting. did i say 107 degrees???

this festival is a bit different for me as i am partnering up with joyajewelry in a 20x10 tent. yep, 200 square feet of lovely vintage transformations. and i have furniture people, furniture! prepping for this festival has created a monster - i cannot get enough of redoing furniture. i will also be selling lamps galore, aprons, original artwork as well as prints, travel pouches made from vintage sheets, the list goes on and on.

i will save a place for you by the fan!