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juggling and staying on course

businesstiffin millsComment
the first few days of summer start out ideal. i have plans for the munchkins, i have plans for my graphic design work, for making dinner, for taking walks, etc. but then after a week or so, all hell breaks loose and i feel like i am walking through an obstacle course and doing the best i can to to keep everything in the air.

i know this is nothing new and that every mom feels this same way with summer vacation, whether they work or not. but as much as i plan for it, it always happens.

so, since i can't keep everything in the air at the same time without the help of solo hours during the school year, some things have to give. if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't fear, that just means that i am devoting a bit more time to the things that need me more at this moment. or i might just be hanging out at the pool - who am i kidding:)