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recycling and transformations

mixed media, thriftingtiffin mills2 Comments
do you remember this "one mans trash..." post i wrote a few months ago? well, this is what they turned into! i am a frequent thrift shopper and i would always find myself in the kitchen pots and pans aisle. i don't know what would steer me here, but i would stand looking at the sea of cast off metal and think there was something i could do with it. only, i didn't know what that something was.

i took a few pieces home to experiment with and this is what turned out. the bird piece above is my favorite. i often see a lot of these metal casserole dish holders cast off because the dish no longer exists and i was intrigued becaause they have the prettiest details and shape. i added some yellow spray paint, a print out of one of my favorite mixed-media pieces and then finished it off with some blue and white trim to hide all the yucky bits.

this was a large fluted pie plate that i painted pink and added some gold leaf for extra detail. then the same thing, i attached an image of one of my mixed media pieces, gave the whole thing a coat of varnish and the transformation is complete.

i am so excited to here feedback for these pieces at the show this weekend. hopefully they will be snatched up and maybe hung in a kitchen for a second life.