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festivals and temperatures

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this past weekend, in 107 degree temps, i participated in The Revival - a Vintage Marketplace at The Goat Farm in atlanta. if you have never been to the goat farm, you must visit - it is them most amazing vintage space full of tons of architectural relics and it has a great vintage vibe. we set up on friday and sold saturday and sunday while sweating our booties off. literally.

the above vignette is my favorite! it includes everything i love - crystal lamps, furniture, fabric and a few sparkly things.

booths don't get pretty in an instant though. this is what our booth looked like about two hours after unloading. i shared a double booth with joya jewelry so we could mingle our items for more impact.

i added pillowcases made from vintage sheets this year by mixing different patterns into one pillowcase. the pillows are sitting on a vintage typewriter table painted a sunny yellow and embellished with the words "these are the days". next to that is a headboard/footboard combo that i LOVE, but sadly, no one wanted to take it home for their room.

these botanical prints all drawn by me are currently available in the shop.

another new addition this year is my scalloped bunting. i had originally planned to hang them all from the rafters in the booth, but after setting up, we decided that might be too busy. so i returned home friday night and whipped up some labels and packaged them up individually. there are times like these that i am so thankful i also work as a graphic designer and am able to do these things on the fly.

these pink alabaster lamps are so unique and will also be added to the shop shortly.

so i mentioned the 107 degree temperatures, right? well, these crazy things we are all wearing around out necks literally saved our lives. without them, i think i might have had to visit the ER. the are called frogg toggs and you stick them in ice water, wring them out and then lay them on your neck. they stay oh so cold and worked really well in keeping us from passing out.

left to right is reagan (my sweet friend who came down to help us out), jenni, me and joy. i honestly cannot imagine doing festival without these ladies. i can be a debbie downer at times when the crowds don't show or people aren't buying, but these ladies always know how to bring me out of my funk!
as a finale to this picture heavy post, i had to show you all my warm weather do for the weekend. LOVE!!!