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the BoneYard and a booth

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so i have talked about it before, but this is my official post to say that i now have a booth at The BoneYard on Raymond Hill!!! technically, jenni, joy and i are sharing a booth at The BoneYard. for you local folks, it is located in newnan, ga. i am so excited about this venture - the fact that i have a permanent space, i can come and fluff as i wish and i don't have to sit in 107 degree temps to sell my lovelies is all sheer perfection! i tried to get good pics of the space, but the lighting is a bit tricky, so take these with a grain of salt. (what does that really mean anyways???)

anyway, you walk in to the store and head right and the booth is on the right hand side. i am dying over this hoop art wall. i wanted to simulate a plate wall that people hang in their home, and i think the effect is lovely. not to mention all the crystal bling displayed below!

this is half of the booth and you can see all of our goodies. seriously, between the three of us, there is something for everyone.

aside from the lamps and hoops, i have some original artwork for sale also.

this blue mirror was the first to go and i hope that it found a good home.

if you have been eyeing this bed frame for your little girls room, as of today, it is still in the booth, but i warn you, things are already moving fast :)

joy has a huge table filled with all her lovely jewelry for every price point.

this is part of jenni's corner. how amazing is that door??? if i had the space, i would snatch it up, put a mirror in the opening and lean it against a wall in my home.

like i said, lots for everyone! if you live in atlanta and stop by the store, let me know what you think.