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the boneyard and tons of products

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price tags waiting for product

so after my show last weekend, i was left with more product than my house could hold. yeah, that's the downside to being an artist who likes to create in numbers. i get on a kick and produce way more than i can sell in any one festival and then follow it up with the depressing prospect of unpacking my hard work back into the house.

but, today i took a leap, a very big leap and decided to keep my work someplace other than my house. i now officially have a permanent booth at The BoneYard on Raymond Hill in Newnan, GA. actually to be precise, joy, jenni and i have a booth at The BoneYard. sharing a booth at the festival with joy went so well, that we thought it would be a great idea. we all have individual styles, but they mesh so well together that it creates just under 200 sq ft of complete loveliness!

i took these today during setup, but it is now clear to me that i need to bring in my tripod and do some lighting tricks to get better pics. we are having one more wall installed into the space (how cool is that that we say we would love another wall and poof, one is installed) which i will be painting on wednesday. this will house all my hoop art and be a backdrop for a great table filled with sparkly lamps.

after painting and final setup happens, i will post pics of the full space so you can see how we all worked our individual personalities in. if you live in atlanta, swing by, i would love to hear what you think! what i do already know is that our booth sticks out with all the color we use :)