Linwood Avenue

a hall bath and a house tour

house tourtiffin mills3 Comments
next up is my hall bath which is at the end of the hallway between the kitchen and family room. geez, it is hard to get a good pic of a room this size.

my mom painted the flower canvas probably sometime in the 70's and gifted it to me a few years back.

the lyrics to van morisson's "these are the days" line the length of the room. if you have the ability to create vector art on your computer, you can send artwork to someone who has a vinyl printer and get something 100% custom. i think this 8' x 4' sheet of vinyl cost something crazy like $35. now that is a cheap statement piece. just bring your patience to the table when you are installing text this long :)

probably too much info, but i think it is so sweet when i hear my munchkins reading out loud the words while doing their business.

above the toilet is a shelf that contains other family work. the watercolor flowers is a recent piece of my mom's and the smaller piece is from one of my brothers. he gave it to me for my 21st birthday and it is so very beautiful. i really need to take a close up pic, but it is an illustration of a deer sitting under a tree with clouds and birds in the sky. he then channeled william morris and created a wild flower border around the scene. now you know where i get it from, right???