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a known and an unknown

arttiffin mills2 Comments
have you guys checked out my art retreat website yet? whatcha waiting for - only 12 spots are available, make sure one has your name on it!

in my previous post, i wanted to get the word out about the retreat, but today, i want to fill you in a bit on the makings of this retreat.

recently i received some not so pretty feedback of my work/art and i have to say it threw me for a loop. not necessarily the negative criticism, because i welcome that, i really do. i spent many years working as a graphic designer at an atlanta advertising agency where my work was constantly violated with a red marker. if that doesn't make for a thick skin, nothing will. criticism only results in a better product, i truly believe.

what threw me for a loop was the fact that i was judged for being a relatively unknown artist (i was actually told that) - not one of the power players that seem to populate the west coast of our country. i firmly believe that if you have a blind viewing of my art next to one of the power players pieces, that mine would hold it's own and therefore is just as worthy. yet, some opportunities are only given to the "popular" people based on who they are and how many blog followers they have and not what they create. which leads me to the question of how do you go from being an unknown to a known in whatever field holds your passion?

the answer for me is to become a doer. AN ARTIST. A DREAMER. A DOER - that is my new title for this little adventure jenni and i have created. yep, it is even on my business card.

have you ever tried to list your best qualities and worst qualities? chances are the worst column is easier to write. the one thing i know for sure would be in my best column is that i am a doer. i do not sit and talk incessantly about what i want to do. well, ok, i might talk for a few days, but at some point, i will go out and do what i am dreaming about. the only way to become and achieve what you want to be in life is to put one foot in front of the other and make experiences happen for yourself. make yourself be a "known" instead of waiting for someone to discover you.

which comes back to why i wanted to start an art retreat in atlanta. one, the southern states are seriously lacking in this department and if not us, then who is going to do it? and two, i absolutely cannot wait to help people discover a creative life. to show them techniques that work for me and products they might never have seen. to experience 3 days of creative bonding and friendship that will open their eyes and instill in them the creative spark which for me, is infinitely better and much cheaper than therapy!