Linwood Avenue

a laundry room and a house tour

house tourtiffin mills4 Comments
next stop on the house tour is my laundry room or as my friend joy calls it - my galoshy room.

pretty basic rectangle that contains washer/dryer, microwave (because i hate having it on my kitchen counter), and hooks for coats and book bags. a few months back i painted it "marmalade" by behr and am still getting used to it. this room is definitely not short on natural light, so it is a bright space that definitely keeps you awake!

i again bought a grouping of 6 ikea frames and am slowly working on collecting illustrations i love. the current ones i have can be found here and here. 

for something a bit unusual, i hung this vintage yellow chandelier close to the ceiling (so my husband wouldn't hit his head :) with a teal painted ceiling medallion. the unexpected pop of color on the ceiling is what i love most in the room.