Linwood Avenue

a little break and some regrouping

tiffin mills4 Comments

well, the time has come for me to take a break from this space (as if you couldn't tell by my lack of posting these past few weeks).

the reason? simply that my heart isn't into it right now. at this moment, my mind is going towards a new path in my artwork and i really want to take the time to focus on that. do you ever feel like you spend all your time on social media promoting a product that you actually don't have enough time to make anymore because all you are doing is the business end of your business? yeah, that in a nutshell is me.

i will still stop by from time to time to show you some new projects i am working on, and when the time comes and i am ready to come back here full time as i have been for the past 3 years, i do hope you all are still around. however, if you love my slice of life on Linwood Avenue, and still want a play by play, please check me out on instagram or twitter @ linwoodavenue.