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laminated cotton and a holiday tablecloth

tiffin mills2 Comments

now that your thanksgiving table is cleared, it's not too early to start thinking about your christmas table. i bought this beautiful green laminated cotton a year ago at the atlanta country living fair. if you don't know, for the past three years i have worked in the modern june/oilcloth addict booth at the fair cutting oilcloth and laminated cotton. it is such a fun job hearing about everyones projects. it makes me want to sew all day long!!!

last year, i came home with 10 yards of this fabric with intentions of making a holiday tablecloth that would work for christmas and easter. i envisioned the laminated cotton to be on the top of the table and then have the sides be ruffles from an old white sheet i had. well, the fabric sat and sat in the corner until about a month ago when i said enough was enough.

my table was a bit wider than the fabric, so i pieced the sides to make it wider, then i proceeded to cut out the circular top. there are all kinds of smart math tutorials out there on how to size and cut a round tablecloth, but i was being very impatient, so i decided to flip my extremely heavy solid wood table on top of the fabric and trim around the perimeter. well, that might not have been the smartest plan of action when the table fell on my shin and left me crying on the floor, but i recovered :)

once i had the circle, it was time to work on the ruffle. i sewed down the long side of a 10 inch width of white fabric that once pieced together was about 3 times as long as the circumference of my table. the end result was a tube of white fabric. i had planned on using one of two sewing machine ruffler attachments which i had thrifted, but they ended up not being very reliable as they kept skipping stitches. so, i winged it from there on out. i basically sat at my sewing machine and picked two spots on the sewing plate. i lifted the fabric from the closest spot to me and folded up next to the needle and sewed that individual pleat in place. i literally created pleats one at a time using this method for the entire length. yes, i could have done it with an iron, but in my mind, that was just adding an extra step that i didn't want to spend time on (i'm sometimes very impatient). i was honestly hoping for ruffles vs. pleats, but was limited in what i could do at the time, so the plans had to change a bit. once i had the pleated border, i sewed it onto the laminated cotton top and then top-stitched it to get a crisp right angle.

all in all, i am pretty thrilled with my new custom holiday tablecloth which is one of a kind. now on to finish all the other old projects i have laying around the house!

love, tiffin

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