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love and a headboard of sorts

tiffin mills3 Comments

i can't tell you how many times i have thought that i need to blog about this super simple project, and now it's finally happening!

i made this unconventional headboard early summer and still smile every time i plug in the lights. first things first, please ignore the deflated pillow area on the bed. we actually have a lot more pillows, but they are kind of random and wouldn't have worked too well in this pic, so 2 measly pillows on a king size bed is all you get.

i had been on the look out for a statement headboard forever, but have always had a hard time pulling the trigger because of how expensive they are. at first i thought i could redo one i found thrifting, but then i realized that vintage king size headboards are kinda hard to find. then i thought about making my own tufted one out of mdf and foam batting, but i could never really pull the trigger. then somewhere along the line, i had an epiphany - why not make a headboard'esque statement out of twinkle lights!

i used one strand of lights, a projector and a couple boxes of the smallest size clear 3M hooks. first i drew my word onto some clear vellum, projected it on my wall and then went to work sticking the hooks around the projected letters and snapping the twinkle lights into place. the excess lights fade off to the left behind a large floor length mirror i have on that side of the bed. there is that chunky end to the lights (on the end of my E) which you can't really hide, unless you start and stop the letters by dropping the lights down behind your bed, but it doesn't really bother me.

can't you see this treatment done in so many different rooms? how cute would this be in a nursery??? i can totally see the babies name strung and lit above the crib.

i love how it turned out and love the cost of the project even more at under $30.

any other affordable headboard solutions that you have seen which are a bit out of the box?

love, tiffin