Linwood Avenue

zinnias and a few other flowers

tiffin mills3 Comments

here is one of my latest paintings. vintage wallpaper, sewing pattern paper and golden fluid acrylics. plus, a beautiful bouquet as my model! it's such a perk that buying flowers can be a business write-off for me, especially in the fall/winter months when their brightness goes a long way to making a gloomy day cheerful.

i figure it's never to early to start a new years resolution, so it is officially back to blogging for me. yay!!! there have been so many projects happening around here lately that just haven't made it onto the blog, but hopefully that will be remedied soon. so put me back on the blog roll folks and tell your friends about this little site. after all, there is nothing better to get a less than motivated blogger blogging again than knowing people are actually reading!

love, tiffin