Linwood Avenue

a sign and embroidery

tiffin mills4 Comments

typically, when i do art show, i am set up outside with a tent. as my "storefront" sign, i have always used a felt banner that i made years ago that spells out Linwood Avenue. for this latest show in nashville, i was inside for a change with no tent. this meant that i needed to rethink my name banner since i would have nothing to attach it to. luckily i was yard sale shopping a few months ago and found an amazing old quilting hoop which was 2.5 feet at its widest. lucky for me, it is the exact oval shape as my logo!

i printed my logo text to fit within the frame, transferred it onto white fabric and set to stitching. first i outlined all the letters, but when i was done, it felt a bit hollow. so i made the leap and started filling in the letters. it was a big undertaking considering the size of each letter, but i am so glad i did.


the filled in text really pops and is a much better representation of my logo. to finish off the hoop, i wrapped blue and white fabric around the wooden frame to simulate the blue scallops in my real logo.

now i have advertising for outdoor and indoor shows!