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nashville and a show

tiffin mills4 Comments

well, i'm back from my road trip to nashville, tn and the studio be art show. it was such a fun trip and i am officially in love with nashville. first off, cindy and shannon who run the show out of their art studio are two of the loveliest people who happen to make the loveliest art. i seriously wanted every piece they made. the show was friday and saturday and while the weatherman's warnings kept some away, i managed to end the weekend with lots of christmas money burning a hole in my pocket.


this pile of my hoops makes me so happy. merchandising for a show can get so stressful - as the artist, you are just too close to the work to be able to see clearly. i usually lay each hoop out in it's own specific spot, probably evenly spaced one from the next. well, this time around, i brought my friend reagan to help and when i turned around during setup, she had my hoops all piled up together and i absolutely loved the fresh perspective!


my new to me red train case was the perfect holder for my prints. i have a ton of these left, so hopefully they will make their way to etsy shortly.

after the show on saturday night, we had an amazing dinner downtown at a place called the whiskey kitchen where yes, i did partake in some whiskey :) then we drove around to snap some pics at the parthenon per my munchkins request.

hopefully i will be able to make it back for next years show - i will definitely keep all you the locals posted!

love, tiffin