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a retreat and some down time

tiffin mills2 Comments

phew, it's a relief to finally be posting pics from the first Southern Circle Retreat. so much time, energy and love was put into this little venture, that i think i needed some time to digest it all. 8 lovely women, plus jenni and i met up for the weekend at the beautiful serenbe inn. we had art time, made many new friends, ate lots of yummy food and basically spend 3 days with a lot of eye candy to get our creative hearts churning. these pictures pretty much tell the story better than i ever could...

jenni and i are meeting up this friday to finally nail down the dates for the next retreat! it's funny, leading up to  this weekend in january, people would ask us if this was going to be a bi-yearly thing and all we could say was "well, if the interest is there" - we were very non-committal. flash forward to one hour after all the attendees arrived on friday night and all we kept saying is "next time, i want to add [this]" or "[this] would be such a great project for next time". i guess all we needed to see was the enthusiasm and openness our attendees brought with them to make us realize that this is where we need to put our hearts.

love, tiffin