Linwood Avenue

a sunflower and a painting

tiffin mills1 Comment

hi all, hope everyone had a good weekend. i am writing this sick from bed, but before i got sick, i managed to get some painting done and take a few trips around town on the golf cart. spring is definitely in the air!

this is one of my latest paintings — it is 10x8, which is larger than most of my 5x7s, but still not big enough to be a huge anchor piece that my future booths need. i am slowly but surely working my way larger and i think the key to that is to create bigger and bigger bouquets. so perhaps the flowers don't get larger, there are just more of them. haha! i am trying very hard to step out of the small and concise box i put myself in years and years ago. i prefer things in my art to be exact and contained, but i realize that i could benefit from a little spreading of the wings.

have you checked out the new website yet? please take a look around and let me know what you think — i LOVE feedback. first, there is a gallery section where a lot of my work is highlighted (inquiries welcome :) i have also reworked my tutorial section into categories so it is easier for you to find what you would like to make.

i'm still trying to figure out how to add a "follow me" type widget in squarespace. if anyone out there has some advice for me, i would love to hear it.

i hope this ick clears out fast and that a very productive week is ahead of me.!

love, tiffin