Linwood Avenue

camellia's and a mason jar

tiffin mills1 Comment
camellia.mason jar.3.13.jpg

i'm back with another one. this painting is extra special because all the flowers came from my own garden! except for the fact that the camellia bush we planted last year was supposed to be white. really disappointing because pink is not the color i would have chosen for the front of the house, but really, i can't deny how pretty the blooms are. spring is coming and i think there will be a lot more paintings on the horizon.

the ball jar looks kinda wonky, but i sort of like it like that. this jar has been with me for so long and it is my absolute favorite vase. flowers just seem to look better against the beautiful blue glass. next time you come across a blue mason jar, go ahead and buy it, then use it to hold your next bouquet. go ahead, you will thank me :)

love, tiffin