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chicks and feathers

tiffin mills1 Comment

this year, i started decorating for easter pretty much right after valentines day. my youngest munchkin was very offended that i skipped st. patrick's day altogether. as if we have any irish blood in us at all. geez!

it must have been 3 years ago when i bought these lovely miniature feather wreaths on christmas clearance. they had loops to be used as christmas decorations, but honestly, aren't they much more suited for easter? fast forward three years to a month ago and i finally got inspiration. for each one, i used a miniature wreath, one small and one medium styrofoam ball - each wrapped with vintage sheet scraps, sweater felt (also from 3 years ago), black seed beads and some random pins and buttons.

how's that for a tutorial. ha! sadly, that's all you are gonna get out of me right now. one of these days i might create a true tutorial and place it under my tutorial tab - btw, have you visited there yet? have you made anything?

i have sprinkled them throughout the house and smile a bit each time i pass by. they are just so sweet not to! and best of all, they pass the munchkin approval for an appropriate easter decoration.

love, tiffin