Linwood Avenue

frames and art

tiffin mills3 Comments

i finished these pieces a few months back, but it dawned on me that i never showed them to you. if you are new here, you will learn very quickly that i am no stranger to thrift stores. whenever i end up in the kitchen aisle, i just stare and stare at the cast off metal pans and pie plates and think that there must be something interesting to do with them. so what is the only logical thing to do? throw them in my buggy to bring home until inspiration strikes. what resulted after a little spray paint are some really cool frames for some of my prints.


this frame is an old wooden table mirror minus the mirror. it came to me perfectly worn and i might love it because it reminds me of a mirror i had as a child. i placed another print of one of my canvas embroidery pieces inside and voila, a perfect pairing. it's beautiful when that happens. and also really affordable.

love, tiffin