Linwood Avenue

asheville and an auction

tiffin mills2 Comments

i recently snuck away to asheville, nc for the weekend and it was a much needed break. seriously, with a view like this, how can you not relax.


my favorite part of the weekend was attending my very first auction. it was such a fun experience for this treasure hunter. this child's toy singer sewing machine was my first purchase. honestly, i didn't need it at all, but the auction was winding down and i couldn't leave without bidding on something! and really, how cute will it look on the bookshelves in my studio!

i also left the auction with this whiskey jug. it is very crude and very old. part of me wants to paint some flowers along the bottom of it, but i'm not sure. what do you think?

the best score of the weekend is this amazing sunburst quilt. i found it in a little antique shop and there was no price tag on it. i didn't even think to ask because i was sure it was out of my price range. good think my friend was more curious - it turned out to be $12. t.w.e.l.v.e. dollars folks!!! the shop owner said it was so cheap because of the tears, but really, the only tear of consequence is the one along the bottom right of this pic. super easy to fix. 


at first, all i could think about was making more hobo bags out of this. but now that i got it home and washed, and realize how much love went into hand sewing it, i am more hesitant to cut it up. the thread is quilted into these lovely floral patterns, super, super decorative. maybe it has a future as a picnic blanket instead???