Linwood Avenue

peonies and a large painting

tiffin mills2 Comments
peony painting.6.10_700.jpg

hi all! how's your summer been going? i have missed recording my doings in this space, but not really sure if i am ready to start back up again. especially with the start of summer and all i really want to do is hang out by the pool.

i will share with you one of my recent paintings though. this is a 20x16" plus frame piece i completed a few week ago. jenni was telling me that i needed to start painting larger so that there were options in my booth. plus, large paintings ground a booth space, so off i went to the hardware store and i came home with this size and a 2x3' piece of wood as well. it really wasn't much different than painting my smaller panels, just, well on a larger scale. truth be told, i kinda love it! i love mixing colors to get a deeper image and i love perfecting the look of glass vases by having my stems show within the vase.

my yard is currently in full bloom, so fingers crossed, i will be posting many more lovelies as the weeks progress.  

happy summer!