Linwood Avenue

flowers and the farmers market

tiffin mills1 Comment

my little sleepy town has finally jumped on the farmers market bandwagon. well, if has been happening for a couple of years now, but up until recently, it has consisted of about 3 booths of meager looking tomatoes. but this year, it is so different. homemade baked goods, salsa, soap, fruit, tons of veggies, a crepe food truck, and a wildflower vendor. seriously, i stopped in my tracks with my mouth hanging open when i saw the flowers. they are so pretty!  

the vendor has some bouquets already made or you can make your own. they have about 20 bins of different flowers and you can pick i think 16 stems for $5 - totally love the customization. before the summer is out i might have to stock up on bouquets to photograph to keep my paintings going in the winter months.