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a contest and a big dream

tiffin mills2 Comments

have you heard about the lilla rogers global talent search yet? if you are an artist, most likely you have and chances are that more than a few of you are also competing in the search as well.

long story short is that lilla is a hugely sought after creative agent who helps get artists product licenses and business that they might not otherwise have access to. it is a huge step for an artist to turn their passion into paying work and this contest will definitely be a dream come true for one lucky person.

i entered and waited patiently for my brief on phase one which was delivered the first week of july. the challenge was issued to create a journal cover with a vintage playground theme for a large stationery company.

truthfully, i began in an entirely different direction. my original journal cover was based solely off of paint, but the more i thought about it, it just didn't feel right. i thought about winning and then creating a product line making art along the exact same lines and i couldn't imagine having enthusiasm doing that every day. so instead, i started to combine all the mediums i love - paint, thread, fabric, buttons, vintage wallpaper, graphic design and out came this piece. anyone who knows me, knows that this is completely me, it represents me as an artist all rolled into one sweet journal cover. 

i painted the daisy background as you can see in my previous post. to me, daisies are as old-fashioned as you can get - they speak to a simpler time. then came in the sand pail because a pail and shovel was pretty much all i needed at the playground when i was small. vintage sheets were incorporated into the hand cut and embroidered letters. the stitched words say "play • dream • wish". really, what else do you do at a playground besides play, dream and a little "he loves me, he loves me not"...

i was headed out on vacation the day after you were allowed to start submitting, so i was able to upload my image nice and early. this is where i love being a graphic designer who spends her days working on freelance assignments - no stressing, no fears blocking me, just good old-fashioned fun as i completed an assignment on time and on mark. hopefully the judges think so too!