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retreats and a feature

tiffin mills3 Comments

considering our january 2014 retreat is fully booked and in the stages of finalization, i am definitely more than a bit delinquent in sharing this feature with you. but... my Southern Circle Retreats which i founded along with jenni horne, was featured in the fall Mingle magazine from somerset studios.


we worked so hard to make the first retreat be unforgettable and were thrilled when the editor of MIngle recognize what we had created.


if you would like to be put on the mailing list for information about future retreat dates, drop me an email and i will get you all set up. a weekend away making art is so much more than simply getting your hands dirty. it's about self discovery, friendship, laughter, etc, etc, etc. if attending an art retreat isn't already on your bucket list, it really should be :)

love, tiffin