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valentines day, crochet and a mantel

tiffin mills5 Comments

so, truth be told... i make something for each holiday every year and then never pack that special something back in the correct place. so i either don't remember it even exists or i can't find it. so what do i do? well, i make another special something, of course.

here is a shot of my current mantel with a my newly made crocheted heart and pompom swag.


i followed a really simple crochet heart tutorial on youtube and used up the entire bundle of knobby read yarn in the process. i'm having a love affair with youtube in these days of learning to knit and relearning to crochet — you can seriously find a how-to on anything!


at first i was going to string the hearts together by attaching them to a long crocheted chain, but then i remembered this vintage white pompom yardage i bought at an estate sale. i had forgotten about it  since it was having a time out in a plastic bag with a bar of soap because it was just way too stinky to introduce into my house. and it was a 6 month time out - does that tell you how stinky it was???

typically i gently wash trim to get estate sale smell out of it, but these pom-poms were attached using metal loops and i was afraid the loops would rust and ruin all 20 yards i bought

anyway, when i was trying to figure out how to attach the heart, i realized that i could push the pom through the center of the heart and they would be held perfectly.

so, i strung it up over the mantel along with my "family" banner, added a tulip painting and some fabric strawberries and called it a day.

who's ready for valentine's day???

love, tiffin