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a lamp and a book redo

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my first tutorial / redo of 2014!!!  (i should add a disclaimer to please, please don't judge me for the dirty finger prints all over my front door. sure i could have photoshopped them out, but i'm trying to keep it real. and living in a house with 2 boy munchkins means dirt is very real!!!)

so, i needed a lamp for my front hallway. the old one got moved to my bedroom and the small table lamp i replaced it with in the hallway was just not doing the job. the thing about lamps is i hate buying them. since i tend to like large, over scaled lamps, they are generally so very expensive and i have never understand why. this is one of the main reasons i started making my own to sell because i wanted to bring reasonably priced lamps to people.

anyway, i remembered that a few years ago i exiled a large brass urn shaped lamp to the attic. perfect, except it definitely needed a makeover because it was just so bland and boring (the reason it was exiled in the first place).


i thought about decoupaging something onto it or painting it with chalk paint. in the end, decoupage won out once i found an old copy of Great Expectations at the thrift. 4 easy steps and i was done.

  1. spray paint a primer onto the lamp to give the brass finish a slight grip.
  2. cut small sections from a book of your choice (a preferably damaged book since cutting up a perfectly good book ranks right up there a felony in my mind :)
  3. with a foam brush, brush on some mod podge, stick on paper strip and then brush a layer of mod podge over the strip. repeat over entire lamp
  4. spray finished lamp with a clear hi-gloss spray paint.

the only tip i have is to place your book pages so all the text is going the same direction. the final result is pretty busy and i think it would be too busy if some words were upside-down or vertical. but then again, i do tend to be pretty anal when crafting, so disregard this if you are a fly by the seat of your pants kinda crafter!


my favorite part of the lamp is right in the middle of the photo above - "O Estella, Estella!". i probably should have read the book again before i cut it all up!

this project has so many options. how cute would it look with childrens book pages for a kid's room? or music paper?

did you do any out of the box crafting during your holiday down time?

love, tiffin