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2014 and one little word

thoughtstiffin mills3 Comments

happy 2014! phew, i wasn't sure the new year was going to arrive. between a crazy december and then an unexpected two day delay in the munchkins starting back to school due to the weather, i wasn't sure today would come. today is the first day i am back to a routine which is why it feels like the first day of 2014 for me. 

to start the year off right, there is something you need to know about me - i'm not really one to jump on social bandwagons. (surprising, right? she says with full sarcasm :) nope, you won't ever see a pic on my blog of my paint covered hands and you won't see me capturing hearts that i find in nature. there is nothing wrong with this trend and i can definitely see beauty in the photos, but they are all over the place.

but... the one trend that i love is the "one little word" movement.


instead of making crazy resolutions, i absolutely love choosing one word to guide me through the new year. and it really isn't much of a choice. this is my third year with a single word and each year, it just sort of shows up, it finds you, it really does. my word this year is...

PURPOSE: an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.


i want my year to be filled with intent, i want to ask myself "what is the purpose of ___," "do i need ___ in my life," "why am i keeping ___ around if there is no purpose for it".

i started out thinking that my word would be PURGE, but that's really an ugly word, isn't it? then i went with SIMPLIFY, but that didn't really grasp my desire. to me, simplify is directed more at accepting invitations, trying not to be over extended. so PURPOSE it has become.


the first order of business is to start with my house. we have lived in our current home for 7.5 years and it's time for me to do a large purge, a re-assesment of sorts. i need to really ask myself if i have a purpose for the 70+ thrifted drinking glasses for a family of 4. does the crap filling up my garage have a purpose? is there a purpose for all the art supplies that i horde - give myself a challenge to chip away at my existing stash. i want my house to be in tip-top shape.

are you with me? do you have your "one little word" picked out? ready. set. go!!!

love, tiffin