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painting, sewing and knitting

tiffin mills5 Comments

my life has been full, full, full of artsy endeavors these past few weeks and i couldn't be happier. i have been feeling super calm lately and i know that my mood is 100% attributed to this. the above pic is a little crop of a much larger painting i recently finished. it is now on it's way to big and exciting things. i stretched my boundaries for this one and once i worked through a lot of struggle, i can say that i am so very proud of it.

finally, i am sewing again! i have been staring at my fabric stash for so long, waiting for the urge to sew to hit, but it never came. then, i got a commission for one of my upcycled quilt purses and i've got the bug again. woohoo!

and this, this yarny goodness is what is taking up most of my time. i am completely, 100% hooked on knitting. the patterns, the texture, the colors, i can't get enough. i might even be planning my first pair of knitted socks. gasp!

as always, if you want to see what i am up to on a daily basis, follow me on instagram @ linwoodavenue - because it's the only social media that can hold my attention in between painting, sewing and knitting.