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knitting and babies

tiffin mills5 Comments

babies, babies, babies – i am surrounded by pregnant women! i have friends just starting their families, friends on their 5th baby and a friend who already has an established family who got a little surprise a few months ago ;)

so... what better way to practice my knitting skills than by making some baby hats. these were so fun to knit up and came together really quickly. the hat on the left with the cute flower wasn't always so cute. i was in the process of teaching myself the magic loop method of knitting and kept dropping stitches towards the end. oh well, when in the throws of failure, add a flower!

one sweet little baby arrived today, but before the big moment, we had a shower for her mom and this was my contribution. seriously, baby leg warmers - can it get any cuter??? i always say if i had a girl, that i would go broke buying tights and leg warmers. also included was a baby pride and prejudice book which is perfect for any little girl who has been given the middle name of jane in honor of her mom's literary hero. and that hidden stuffie in the back right? well, that cuteness is for a whole nother post!