Linwood Avenue

A New Year and A New Direction

shoptiffin millsComment

I. Am. Back!

Holy cow, it's been a while. I am so excited to dust off the cobwebs and open this space again. The past few years have been really challenging health wise and I am finally seeing my way out. I am so happy to be creating more, and am motivated to get things checked off my bucket list.

I have big plans for this space, but the biggest is that I have moved my "shop" from Etsy to a page of it's own, right here.  Everything "Linwood Avenue" is now in one place. I really want to create a little online world for myself and taking this leap was the first step. I day dream about being one of those shops where I post on Instagram a date and time for a sale, then poof, everything is gone in 10 minutes. But the reality of that is it's a TON OF WORK to get yourself "found". So, I have promised myself that 2018 is my year to pull up my bootstraps (if I actually put on shoes most day) and get to work.

The reality of it is that I love making things. However, I don't have any more room nor do my friends have enough birthdays for all the things I make. I have tried to not make, but that won't work - it's what makes me happiest. And I can't say no to being happy. So the result is you guys get the products of my happiness. Some times the shop with hold purses, as it does now. Other times it will offer ornaments or hanging pennants or paintings, etc. I'm kinda all over the place with my creating, so you never know what special gift you will find. Also...The backend coding of the shop is a bit new to me, so please have patience and let me know if anything is wrong.

Stay tuned for a lot more...