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the BoneYard and a booth

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so i have talked about it before, but this is my official post to say that i now have a booth at The BoneYard on Raymond Hill!!! technically, jenni, joy and i are sharing a booth at The BoneYard. for you local folks, it is located in newnan, ga. i am so excited about this venture - the fact that i have a permanent space, i can come and fluff as i wish and i don't have to sit in 107 degree temps to sell my lovelies is all sheer perfection! i tried to get good pics of the space, but the lighting is a bit tricky, so take these with a grain of salt. (what does that really mean anyways???)

anyway, you walk in to the store and head right and the booth is on the right hand side. i am dying over this hoop art wall. i wanted to simulate a plate wall that people hang in their home, and i think the effect is lovely. not to mention all the crystal bling displayed below!

this is half of the booth and you can see all of our goodies. seriously, between the three of us, there is something for everyone.

aside from the lamps and hoops, i have some original artwork for sale also.

this blue mirror was the first to go and i hope that it found a good home.

if you have been eyeing this bed frame for your little girls room, as of today, it is still in the booth, but i warn you, things are already moving fast :)

joy has a huge table filled with all her lovely jewelry for every price point.

this is part of jenni's corner. how amazing is that door??? if i had the space, i would snatch it up, put a mirror in the opening and lean it against a wall in my home.

like i said, lots for everyone! if you live in atlanta and stop by the store, let me know what you think.

the boneyard and tons of products

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price tags waiting for product

so after my show last weekend, i was left with more product than my house could hold. yeah, that's the downside to being an artist who likes to create in numbers. i get on a kick and produce way more than i can sell in any one festival and then follow it up with the depressing prospect of unpacking my hard work back into the house.

but, today i took a leap, a very big leap and decided to keep my work someplace other than my house. i now officially have a permanent booth at The BoneYard on Raymond Hill in Newnan, GA. actually to be precise, joy, jenni and i have a booth at The BoneYard. sharing a booth at the festival with joy went so well, that we thought it would be a great idea. we all have individual styles, but they mesh so well together that it creates just under 200 sq ft of complete loveliness!

i took these today during setup, but it is now clear to me that i need to bring in my tripod and do some lighting tricks to get better pics. we are having one more wall installed into the space (how cool is that that we say we would love another wall and poof, one is installed) which i will be painting on wednesday. this will house all my hoop art and be a backdrop for a great table filled with sparkly lamps.

after painting and final setup happens, i will post pics of the full space so you can see how we all worked our individual personalities in. if you live in atlanta, swing by, i would love to hear what you think! what i do already know is that our booth sticks out with all the color we use :)

juggling and staying on course

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the first few days of summer start out ideal. i have plans for the munchkins, i have plans for my graphic design work, for making dinner, for taking walks, etc. but then after a week or so, all hell breaks loose and i feel like i am walking through an obstacle course and doing the best i can to to keep everything in the air.

i know this is nothing new and that every mom feels this same way with summer vacation, whether they work or not. but as much as i plan for it, it always happens.

so, since i can't keep everything in the air at the same time without the help of solo hours during the school year, some things have to give. if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't fear, that just means that i am devoting a bit more time to the things that need me more at this moment. or i might just be hanging out at the pool - who am i kidding:)

products and a mess

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i have so many pics taken that i really want to share, but somehow i can't get past the mess in my dining room right now!

i am prepping for a show at the end of june and my dining room has pretty much been useless for the past couple of weeks. this show is a bit different, so you will find my usual items, plus a bunch of new things. spy the cream buffet in the right background? yep, that is coming with me! and the tinsel love hearts in the foreground? yep, another new "love"ly. haha!

my poor husband is so understanding - i asked him if he wanted me to cart all this stuff up to the guest room upstairs and he said no, that it didn't bother him. i sure do love him, cause the mess bothers the hell out of me :)

more randomness to follow...

a nursery and nature

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i recently had new head shots taken, along with pics of my munchkins) in one of my favorite locations. there is a beautiful nursery about 20 minutes from my house that is a wonderland. the owner lets photographers use the location for a small fee and you get to go in after hours and explore all the beauty. there is a pond, tons of old vintage sheds, chickens, rusty metal chairs...

lovely vignettes like this angel birdbath and...

baby geese! let's all do a collective "awe" at the sheer cuteness captured with them being back lit.

once i get the pics, maybe you all can help me decide on my new head shot???

craft wars and disappointments

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so last week, on twitter, tori spelling (yes, i follow her :) tweeted about a new show on tlc that she was hosting called "craft wars" which is due out this summer. and that is when my heart stopped. literally, i think it skipped a few beats, and then my mouth hung open in disbelief and the disappointment hit me.

i make a rule never to post things on this blog about what might be or could possibly be happening to me because i firmly (and irrationally) believe that announcing it will jinx the whatever. sort of how you are never supposed to tell what you wish for when you blow out your birthday candles or your wish won't come true. but since this wish does not seem like it is going to happen, here goes...

back in december, i saw a few tweets about a casting agency looking for crafters for a new show tentatively titled "ultimate craft throwdown" which would be similar to the food network show "cupcake wars". no more brief than that, no producer name, no network name, it was very vague. i am not a center of attention kind of person and i never thought in a million years i would ever do a reality show (even though i am obsessed with all reality tv), but the crafter in me squealed loudly in delight. i thought "i can totally do this, and i can definitely win" seriously, confidence overflowing. because if there is one thing i am not modest about, it is my art.

i went to work designing a crazy cute one sheeter explaining why i would be perfect for the show. and guess what? i wanted something that would stand out from a plain email with jpgs attached. it worked, i got noticed and when i got a CALL from the casting director, the inner crafter in me squealed again, only louder this time! in this day and age of emails and texting, i thought a phone call was huge - she probably just wanted to see that i wasn't some loon. in fact, i think she even said to me, you seem totally normal :) next i was asked to find an assistant for the show if i was chosen and shoot a video outlining our personal styles and what we make, which would be 3-5 minutes long. i picked jenni as my assistant because she has mad styling and crafting skills and i know her enthusiasm for life would shine through on tv. i had never made a video before, but we tacked it on a sunday, and i think it turned out really cute, especially since i am a complete amateur with video editing.

after the video was submitted, i went through a few more rounds of giving information to the casting director and then jenni and i had to sign a ton of release forms for our submission video and then the waiting happened. i knew they were hoping to shoot sometime in february, and i figured they had a ton of submissions to weed through and that was why i wasn't hearing anything, but i still felt really confident that we would be picked. it was that eerie kind of calm confidence too which totally threw me off.

at this point, i still did not know which network wanted this show or who was involved. so that brings you up to last week when i read the tweet and my heart stopped. the show tori was tweeting about is called "craft wars" but in my gut, i knew it was the same show i auditioned for and never heard back from. i still don't know 100%, but i did some snooping and found a press release which talks about the show and references the same casting agency i was working with. such a bummer! so that's it, that's my story.

it would have been such a super cool thing to be part of and now that i know who is involved - oh, forgot to mention michaels is the sponsor as well, i am just so sad about the missed opportunity. being on a reality show for my crafting is something i never gave much thought to, but now that the opportunity was in my view for a short time, i want it so much. i want to be able to show the viewing audience what i can create and my point of view. i think that i have such fresh, new ideas and i would have loved the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

did any of you apply to the show? do you know who is going to be on it? i figure in this small craft/blogging world that we exist in, we are bound to be familiar with some of the contestants. 

the moral of this novel? every time you read online about this person getting a book contract, or that person getting a licensing contract, or this person being picked to be on a craft reality show, they too have a past filled with rejections that they just aren't talking about.

a new blog and a giveaway

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have you ever wished i would do another giveaway where my apron is the prize? if so, today is your lucky day.

a lovely woman, who i met through a blogging party she hosted, asked if i would like to join her in her blogiversary party. i am always up for meeting new people and being exposed to new things, so heck ya, i was interested. check out the vintage gwen blog here to read all the details. the winner will be able to chose from any of the aprons in my etsy shop. good luck...

papernstitch and exhibitors

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silly me, i've failed to mention that i am an exhibitor on papernstitch for the month of march. my word for this year is strengthen. strengthen my home life, my body, my blog and my business, so i have set out on the mission to get linwood avenue out into new circles. papernstitch actually isn't new, i exhibited with them a year ago, and loved the experience, so i am back for round two. brittni runs the show and she is so great to work with. personal and quick responses, she makes you feel as you are her only artist. but the beauty is, you aren't, you are surrounded by other wonderful artists who all share your same aesthetic and feel.

thoughts and time outs

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i'm back! it sounds crazy, but i really needed that week break from blogging after my week break from life. it was so nice to be checked out from everything while i was on vacation, and then i came back and got sucked into the pinterest debate and reading waaaayyyy too many blog posts about it. what really got to me was all the comments from ignorant people saying "what you put out on the internet is free game" or "if someone puts art on the internet, i am free to make it my desktop wallpaper pattern" or "what is the big deal if i rip off someones idea as my own and mass produce it, there are no new ideas out there". well, that last one i didn't actually read, but a lot of people were pretty darn close in that sentiment.

in my time off, i have had moments to really make a decision on where i stand and i have discovered that in my mind, i love what pinterest has done for the creative community. i added a "share this" widget to the bottom of my posts to let others know that i love them pinning my ideas as inspiration. what i have discovered i do have a problem with is bloggers taking my photos without permission and displaying little in the way of credit. i have added some copy in my right column stating that if you would like to use a photo (which i generally don't mind at all), i request an email letting me know and appropriate reference and link back to my blog. do i think everyone, or anyone for that matter is going to humor me with an email, no. but at least i have initiated the conversation and let my feelings be known. that's really all i can do, because the alternative is to shut down the blog and that's not really an option.

i also added a "link with love" badge. have you heard about this initiative yet? if not, head over here - their message is spot on.

now it is time to head over to pinterest and reevaluate all my pins to make sure that i myself have linked with love.