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brushes and bathrooms

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do you follow donna downey? i discovered her free weekly video tutorials a few months ago and have been hooked. i love seeing how someone uses a product, especially when it is in a way that i have never thought of before.

a few weeks ago, she moved into a new studio/shop location and announced her altered brush project. the short story is she has two large blank canvas bathrooms that need decorating. which is where we come in. you order a paintbrush from her site, decorate it however you want and attach your biz card. the paint brushes she receives will decorate the walls. it's a fun, unique idea, plus it's great advertising!

i loved the idea immediately and don't think i have ever hit the purchase button so quickly. but then, i sat on the paintbrush for a few days, not knowing how to begin - it was the same kinda pressure of creating on the first page of a brand new journal. then one night, i was trimming up 40 aprons that were on my sewing table and looked over at all the fabric scraps and was inspired. the white banner is lined with wire which i bent into waves but you can't see that very well in this pic. i crocheted a bakers twine flower to embellish the brush and added a scalloped felt backing and i was finished.

my Linwood Avenue paintbrush is currently on its way back home - can't wait to see what everyone else does!

hearts and yoyo's

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happy valentines day my friends.

can't talk long because i have a to do list about a mile long sometimes i feel like i fail at follow through. i do such a  great job decorating the house and planning for a holiday, but then the day comes and i feel like i have nothing substantial like, um, a card or plans. one of these days i will learn :)

beaches and totes

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i am headed to the beach in a bit and was on the hunt for the perfect floppy tote. nowhere i went had what i was looking for. probably because there was a bug in the back of my head that kept telling me i should just make my own.

i designated wednesday as a sew in pjs' day with no other distractions and i was able to knock this out.

i am comfortable enough now to not follow a pattern exactly, so this purse is a mash up to say the least. the bottom portion is from an old oh frannson pattern that has been retired. it has a great pleat and a little loop that hooks onto the button and closes up the bag.

i improvised with the back and added a double pocket with snap closures. i am a sucker for a back pocket on a purse - it is perfect to slip your phone into so it doesn't get mixed up with everything else.

the entire purse is stitched from vintage sheets. i also dared to use some binding for the first time and it wasn't nearly as frustrating as i was expecting.

my favorite part is this little hook. it allows me to make the purse be an over the shoulder bag or longer as a cross body tote. i stole this idea from another bag i have and it is perfect for me because i am forever picky about where i want to carry all my stuff.

i just love mash-ups!

cabinets and redos

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my dining room transformation is moving along. a bit slowly, but at least it is moving forward and not at a standstill. i was able to move my waterlogged, found cabinet in this past weekend and love, love, love it! you can go here to read about it's beginnings :)

i simply cleaned off any flaking paint and then dressed it up with some fabric and new handles. since i paid nothing for the cabinet, i completely splurged on the handles. they are from anthropologie and although i think both are prefect, i must say the branch pulls on the bottom drawer are my favorite. the back of the cabinet is lined with tula pink fabric and really ads a bit of fun to the room. i used super 77 spray glue to attach it to the back, but i think the wood still holds some water because when i went back the next day, 2 of the 3 panels had fallen down. to fix this, i ran a length of double sided tape along the top edge of each nook and this seems to have done the trick.

the cabinet originally had 2 doors on the bottom, but one was not salvagable from water damage. i decided to take the doors off completely and use this for open storage of my various quilts and bridge tablecloths. i can't wait to pile the cabinet up with all the crazy pattens i have collected over the years.

that's it for now. at the rate i'm going, it might be thanksgiving before the room makes it's debut, but i will keep you posted along the way!

a find and fabric

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you know how much i love milkglass and vintage fabric, right? well last weekend i was able to combine the two and couldn't have been happier.

saturday morning, i set out to meet a friend for a day of strolling antique shops. of course, i had to leave 2 hours early so i could hit all the yard/estate sales in the virginia highlands neighborhood in atlanta. i found this unique wooden piece at the last sale i went to and for some reason, i couldn't leave it. my house is pretty much furnished and i really had nowhere to put it, but as i said, i couldn't leave it. when i asked the home owner how much she wanted for it, she was all "oh, i just love this piece", "it is a really old antique", "i hate to part with it", "i was hoping to get $15 for it" - WHAT??? seriously, $15 for a custom wall shelf that is 5 feet long, are you kidding me, i definitely couldn't leave it then!

so down the backseats of my car went and in slid this baby. i should stop here and say that usually when i buy projects like this one, they sit in my garage for a few months while i think really hard on what i want to do with them. not this piece. the next day i immediately got out the saw horses, propped the shelf up and started to paint. the wood was never painted or stained, so getting the white paint on was a breeze. for those interested, i have a love affair with glidden antique white, it is my go to paint color. next came the fun part - i pulled out some sunny fabric and lined the back of the shelves. all it took was a ruler, scissors and a lot of super 77 spray glue (another go to item for me). the yellow polka dot is a new fabric while the blue and yellow floral prints were cut from old sheets.

this piece now hangs above the desk in my office. it fits in between my computer and crazy blue lamp perfectly! the best part is i can now show off my mikglass finds. they are perfect for holding pens, paint brushes, any office odds and ends.

this display even makes scissors look like art, right???

scallops and scissors

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thanks to mmmcrafts, i am now the proud owner of scalloped fabric scissors. i had been on the hunt for a pair of these for months now, and apparently i wasn't the only one. they aren't cheap, but they are oh, so worth it.

i am awfully glad i scooped them up because when i went back to the site to copy a link for all of you, it wasn't there. these scissors vanished off their pages. crazy that these aren't in every corner craft store!

yo-yo's and petals

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my stash of fabric circles has been dwindling from a yo-yo compulsion i seem to have. they are the perfect mindless craft to do when you are watching tv or hanging out with friends.

with the finished yo-yos and vintage buttons, i have been crafting small flower pins. my favorite part? the green suede leaves i recently acquired - they are the perfect addition!

fabric and new ideas

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my first spoonflower shipment of fabric arrived today and i am THRILLED! the repeat is perfect, the color is perfect, the size of each flower is perfect! now the questions is what do i make first? 

i have a feeling that the fabric will be hanging over my chairs in this exact same spot for a few days so i can sit and stare, and then i will start cutting it up with a tear in my eye :)