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green and goodness

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i am always touched when i receive thoughtful gifts from friends. you know, when you can see that someone really, i mean really, knows what you like and puts that knowledge into a gift. i received this as a hostess gift for my ornament exchange from my friend jenni and just love it.

it is a vintage sewing box that is in almost pristine condition and the best part about it is it's kelly green. LOVE!

oilcloth and a giveaway

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through the small world of blogs and twitter, i was asked by the wonderful kelly mccants of oilcloth addict to help out in her country living fair booth. well, she didn't have to ask me twice! plus, the icing on the cake was when she said i could sell my aprons and hoop art in her booth. i said it to my friends all day long, and i will say it here - kelly is truly one of the most generous people i have ever met. the opportunity she gave me to be a part of this festival means more than she knows.

me (on left) and kelly braving the cold morning temps
so, i spent saturday cutting and rolling oilcloth for the thousands of people who came through the gates - um, can you say workout. seriously, i never knew that rolling oilcloth would make me break a sweat! i worked with 5 great women all day saturday and met so many fun people coming through the booth. i hope all of your oilcloth projects turn out beautifully!!!

did i mention that kelly was generous? she sent me home with a signed copy of her new book "sewing with oilcloth" from wiley publishing as a giveaway for one of my blog readers. just leave a comment here letting me know what you love about oilcloth. that's it! the giveaway will run for a week and a half, ending on sunday, november 6th. i will announce the winner on monday, november 7th. *be sure to leave an email or blog link so i can contact you if you are the winner!

sheets and shooting

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meet ellie! i know, not a very original name for an elephant, but she is so cute, i thought ellie suited her perfectly.

as a christmas gift, i received the sewing book "one-yard wonders" and as i came across the pattern for this elephant stuffie, i knew this was the gift i needed to make for a baby shower i am going to on sunday. i used 2 different vintage sheets as fabric, then embellished her with some felt flowers. the one on her neck is to hide some stitching which came apart during the stuffing process (oops) and the one near her leg was added to balance out the first. just goes to show you that hiding mess-ups sometimes makes for a sweeter finished project.

on the photography front, i recently read this post from the lettered cottage and i think it has completely changed my life! remember when i posted here how daunting photographing products was for me? i really didn't think there was anything i could do about my poor lighting besides buying expensive studio quality lights. well, i was wrong. with a few setting adjustments, a tripod which was stuffed away in an upstairs closet, i now have tools to get much better shots. for years, people have tried to tell me what aperture and iso settings are, but my eyes always glaze over. it all was just a foreign language to me that i had no hope of ever learning. with these few tips, i got exactly what i wanted. specific settings without all the explaning. this photo has had no photoshop work done to it and i couldn't be happier with it. the depth and brightness of the shot is exactly what i was hoping for. i am realistic enough to know that not everything will turn out exactly how i want it to, but i do know that i will be steps closer to the finished product with these tips. woohoo!

postcards and possibilities

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lately, i have been feeling in a bit of a rut blog wise. i love, love, love having a blog, don't get me wrong. but what began as me reaching out into the world has transformed into me on my computer, by myself, alone (i can't tell you how much comments help this frame of mind :) so in order to reach out and hopefully meet new people with new points of view, which will breath new inspiration into me, i joined a swap. my first blog swap ever!!! the task is to create a postcard out of fabric representing the theme "home".  i can't tell you how excited i am to start embroidering my version of home for someone across the world to receive. the deadline to throw your name in the ring ends october, 29th. interested? here are all the details.

now, i am off to raise a glass to possibilities and a good friend's birthday!

and it's finally finished

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over a year ago, one of my brothers asked me to make a quilt for him. i said sure, and in a few months, it was time to put my sewing machine to work. i must admit that this particular quilt was much harder than i expected and has taken close to half a year to finish. a combination of very thick fabric and a large size meant some struggles for my little home sewing machine. but i chugged on and can finally say it is finished. is it perfect? no. do the little imperfections seriously offend my crafting OCD? yes. but in the end, it's made with love and that's all that matters, right?

rocking and rolling

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with the start of school, i feel like summer is winding down. which means i need to stop rocking my days away and get in the fast lane. with my new found free time, i am so motivated to finish up projects with loose ends and start knocking out new items on my to do list. among other things, this is what i have in store for the weeks ahead...

  • finish my brothers quilt (enough already, his birthday is just a few weeks away!)
  • start my love quilt (which i have been dreaming about daily)
  • string ties onto my new bookmarks (i bought this brightly colored bakers twine which is going to be perfect!)
  • source stores to wholesale my botanical prints to (so exciting)
  • whip up some festive holiday items for my show in october (think silver pipe cleaners and tree bark)
  • start searching for patterns and fabric for the munchkins halloween costumes (not sure i can beat the knight costumes i made a few years back)
i am sure many more items will be added, but i need to get through my tivo list before i can begin to add anything else :)

love and a shop update

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woo hoo! i finally have my prints posted in the shop.

i love the idea that each flower has a specific meaning, and i love how men used to choose bouquets to give to their loved ones based on those meanings. sometimes i can't help but feel that the thought behind gifts these days is lacking. with my illustrations, which are a mix of colored pencils and digital processes, i have drawn on the old to create something new and vibrant. if there is a specific flower you would love to see in the shop, leave me a comment and i will move it to the top of my list!

8x10's currently listed, but i have 5x7's as well that will be posted throughout the following weeks.

totes and birthdays

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my mom's birthday was a few weeks ago, so i made sure to have a birthday surprise when she flew into town yesterday. her dinosaur of a sewing machine decided not to wind bobbin thread anymore, so i bought her one of those handy separate winders, plus some other sewing tools i find indispensable. one such tool is a magnetic pin holder - really wonder how i lived without one of these for so long.

to contain these items, i decided to make her alicia paulson's "jane market bag". the bag's tutorial is so very easy to follow and it came together in one short evening. i used a pillow case for the floral sides and the lime green pocket front. you can see that i left the pillowcase hem on the pocket front for extra interest. the only addition i made to the pattern was to add an extra pinch stitch along the bottom of both front panels. this squared off the bag nicely.

i think now, i might make a few of these as library bags for the munchkins. maybe out of the shirting fabric i am drowning in over here thanks to a generous friend.