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a studio and a house tour

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welcome to my studio - my favorite stop on the house tour.


not much to say about these pics except - holy crap, i have a lot of stuff! i swear, it is not hoarder central in person, it is a warm and cozy room which i love being in, i swear ;)


this peg board wall is the perfect place to display what i am currently working on. plus it is the great storage spot for all my may arts ribbon. i need to buy better pegboard hooks and then all the ribbon you see leaning against the chair on the right will be on the wall also.


these book shelves have slowly transformed from holding books to holding art supplies.


my double long desk is from ikea and is genious with a top layer of glass that has a shelf beneath it. this pic would have been beautiful had i thought to take out the trash before photographing the room. and while i am looking at it, i could have paused the episode of project runway that i was watching as well. geez, way to have attention to detail!


on the table, i have a wire basket which holds my most frequently art supplies.


on the side table, there is a drawing station set up which holds my journals, colored pencils, ink, rapidio sketch pens. really anything i need.


a dining room and a house tour

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i'm back with more of my house tour!

here is the dining room which is the first room to the left when you walk in the house.


the room is a perfect square which fits my circular dining room table perfectly. i love this round table so much for dinners with friends and game night. a round table is so much better than long rectangles because you can see everyone and talk to everyone.


the blue cabinet between the windows holds my ever growing milk glass collection. on the doors i have taped some watercolors i did on old book pages to bring a bit more art into the space.


i painted the room white so all my treasures and trinkets would pop. this wall is filled with some family pictures, a fabric covered M and a few etsy photographs i have picked up through the years. i cannot believe my munchkins were once that little. at 9 and 7, they still resemble these pics, but i have a hard time seeing the baby faces that are reflected here.


a laundry room and a house tour

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next stop on the house tour is my laundry room or as my friend joy calls it - my galoshy room.

pretty basic rectangle that contains washer/dryer, microwave (because i hate having it on my kitchen counter), and hooks for coats and book bags. a few months back i painted it "marmalade" by behr and am still getting used to it. this room is definitely not short on natural light, so it is a bright space that definitely keeps you awake!

i again bought a grouping of 6 ikea frames and am slowly working on collecting illustrations i love. the current ones i have can be found here and here. 

for something a bit unusual, i hung this vintage yellow chandelier close to the ceiling (so my husband wouldn't hit his head :) with a teal painted ceiling medallion. the unexpected pop of color on the ceiling is what i love most in the room.

a hall bath and a house tour

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next up is my hall bath which is at the end of the hallway between the kitchen and family room. geez, it is hard to get a good pic of a room this size.

my mom painted the flower canvas probably sometime in the 70's and gifted it to me a few years back.

the lyrics to van morisson's "these are the days" line the length of the room. if you have the ability to create vector art on your computer, you can send artwork to someone who has a vinyl printer and get something 100% custom. i think this 8' x 4' sheet of vinyl cost something crazy like $35. now that is a cheap statement piece. just bring your patience to the table when you are installing text this long :)

probably too much info, but i think it is so sweet when i hear my munchkins reading out loud the words while doing their business.

above the toilet is a shelf that contains other family work. the watercolor flowers is a recent piece of my mom's and the smaller piece is from one of my brothers. he gave it to me for my 21st birthday and it is so very beautiful. i really need to take a close up pic, but it is an illustration of a deer sitting under a tree with clouds and birds in the sky. he then channeled william morris and created a wild flower border around the scene. now you know where i get it from, right???

kitchen and a house tour

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next stop on the house tour is my kitchen. this was the first room to be renovated in the house. it had been an explosion of fake butcher block. literally, old, old, wood cabinets (not the pretty kind), fake butcher block laminate counters, plus butcher block wallpaper back splash. it was a sight i tell you!

my favorite part of the room is the vintage school house light we bought for over the island. it has an unusual shape you don't see often in these and definitely gets noticed by everyone who enters. the back splash tile is a nice iridescent diamond shaped glass that i installed. yep, i have a love affair with tile cutting saws and love to tile! i don't have a huge budget for any renovations we do, so i cut cost by doing a lot of the work myself. this kitchen probably costs about half of what it should have because we did a lot ourselves and didn't go for the extravagant extras like decorative edging on the granite or fancy crown moulding. adding open shelving into your cabinet layout is also a big cost saver, plus it breaks up boring expanses of cabinets.

this window looks out to the backyard and is semi curved around the table. right now we all fit in this space pretty well for dinner, but once my two munchkins grow a bit, things will be getting kind tight in that area :)

this wall houses our beloved fair fish "fred". fred has been with us for three years now and is hanging in there like a champ. (slight sarcasm:)

i painted a chalkboard section on the wall and displayed a vintage metal ice cream sign above that. the chandelier peeking out in this pic is a recent addition my mom just brought down to me. it hung at my childhood kitchen table and before that, it originally hung in my great grandparents home above the grocery store they owned in the 1920. lurve it!

family room and a house tour

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round two of my house tour is the family room - or what is currently the only clean room in the house!

i should probably have saved this room for the middle of the pack because it is my problem room. i have just never gotten that "i'm finished" feeling in here. not that you should ever have an "i'm finished" feeling in any room, because then you look around 20 years later and it's all pleather couches and gaudy wallpaper, but hopefully you know what i mean. the mantle is ever changing and really not anything spectacular at the moment, but i do like that my recent luggage painting has found a home there along with a strand of bunting i just made.

when we moved in, the judges paneling in this room was all dark brown and i knew it needed to be painted because the room does not have much natural light. before you get all hot and bothered about painting the wood - the paneling is really crappy 1/8" thick pieces "wood". not beautiful thick cherry which i would never have painted.

a few things about this shot:
  • all the tables are second hand
  • the child's rocking chair has been passed down many generations in my family
  • the orange lamp is a yard sale find that i LOVE - the base has a nightlight in it and glows orange. perfect lighting for movie nights. haha!
  • i am a sucker for large floor throw pillows which you see stacked up on an antique chest in the far corner. my trick is to buy the cheapest, ugliest large pillow you can find and then recover them. i think these pillows were $5 each and then i put upholstery fabric on the top and a generic brown on the bottom which is tip #2 - always use a cheap solid fabric on the back of your pillows, it's silly to waste $$$ on the backside of something.  

the best thing we ever did in this room is put in a set of hinge pin doors. previously, we have a tiny single door leading out to the deck which let hardly any light in at all. when we built our new deck, we doubled the door width and it has made all the difference. i knew i didn't want french doors because the couldn't really swing any where. i had settled on sliders, but the contractor talked me out of those because they let a lot of air out. the hinge pin turned out perfect. the left side does not move and is essentially a large window, then the right side is the door part that opens.

a few more things about this shot:
  • the mirror is a recent $10 purchase - it's chippy and worn and i LOVE it!
  • the tv stand dresser is a $100 purchase. i took out the top dresser, added a mdf plank in it's place, drilled a 2" hole in the back of the dresser for cables and now i have a place for the satellite box, dvd player, etc.
that's it for the tour today - see you next week!

a hallway and a house tour

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i have decided to do a new feature on the blog over the summer since my creativeness takes a back seat to the pool and that area might be lacking for a few weeks! i absolutely love peeking into other bloggers homes, so i thought why not share mine as a visual house tour.

i live in a traditional colonial where you walk in and the dining room is on the left and the formal living room on the right. then you travel down the center hallway and the kitchen is on the left and the family room is on the right. the above shot is what you see when you enter the house. a small table that houses my seasonal vignettes and a vintage mirror above which i absolutely love. my mom has a mirror similar to this that i have coveted for years, so when i saw this one at a thrift store, i scooped it up. i actually decorate with a lot of thrift finds so i will point them out when i can. in my book, this is the way to go. 80% thrift and 20% splurge. you feel so good about the deals you get that you don't feel bad about the one expensive piece you must have.

the color on the wall is "silence" by glidden and is the perfect soft blue for my house - not too baby and definitely not beige! the rule that hallways need to be beige should be tossed out. many other colors can be transition colors between rooms, you just have to forget your fears and go for it - it is only paint after all!

i wanted some artwork to line the walls, but was a nervous nelly about how much it would cost, until i fell in love with a bird calendar by cavallini and my search was over. these calendars are printed on top quality paper and you get 12 individual pieces of art that all relate to one another and look great in a grouping. i am also a huge fan of ikea frames. they are simple enough to not overwhelm multiple pieces of art, but substantial enough to not look cheap.

there you have it, the first stop on your linwood avenue house tour. once i get a sunny day, the family room will be next (because it is the one filled with the least amount of junk at the moment :)