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May Arts and Faber-Castell collaboration

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when i learned that May Arts and Faber-Castell were doing a blog hop, i had to join them! seriously, they might be two of my favorite artsy companies so it was a complete no-brainer. i was tasked to create a project using May Arts ribbon and Faber-Castell Gelatos and Whipped Spackle. if you know me and are familiar with my work, it shouldn't surprise you that i chose to make some flowers. yes, they would be a perfect gift for valentines day, but really are just a great way to add a pop of color to your house during these grey winter months.

i pulled from my stash Bakers Twine Ribbon, Mini Pom Pom Ribbon and those gorgeous Olive Faux Suede Leaves i love so much to create the flowers. i had used Gelatos before, but the Whipped Spackle and plastic Texture Cards were new to me so i was excited to see if the project would turn out as i had imagined.

to create the leaves, i cut off a small section of the green Gelato, broke it down with a palette knife, then mixed it in with the Whipped Spackle. this mixture was then applied to the tops of leaf shapes i randomly cut out of canvas fabric. the fun part was when i used the texture cards to create the leaf veins. you simply place the card where the center vein should be and then pull towards the leaf edge. to get the natural curved look, i let them dry laying on random objects in my studio rather than on a flat surface. what surprised me was how quickly the spackle dried and it was super light! the leaves were then hot glued to branches along with the May Arts suede leaves. the multiple layering of different textures gives your bouquet a more natural look.

next i created the flowers with a simple pom pom maker and bakers twine. the center section is about an inch of the mini pom trim, rolled up and hot glued into place. it really was so easy! the finished flowers get hot glued onto the stick tops.

below is the line-up for the week - hop on over to each ribbonista's blog for your chance to win a $50 prize pack of Faber-Castell goodies and 3 rolls of May Arts ribbon. to enter, just post a comment on any hop post listed below. good luck!

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Tiffin Mills me!!!!

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project life month cards and sewing

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remember when i said i was getting obsessive about my project life 2014 binder being cohesive all the way through? well, sewn month name cards is my first step. it all began with the purchase of this little foot for my sewing machine.


and let me tell you, it was MUCH, MUCH harder than i expected. i used my favorite disappearing ink pen to hand write the months onto scrap canvas and started stitching. the pic on the left was my first try and is supposed to say "january" but i'm not really sure what happened after "jan..."! can i just pretend that i let my 9 year old take over??? eventually i got the hang of it and finished 12 months. they are still a bit wonky, but i love them just the same.

the thing about the free motion foot that i never realized until i read the instructions is that you actually have to drop the feed dogs on your sewing machine. you know, those little grabbers on the bottom plate that actually do all the work for you. this surprised me the most that i had to forcefully move the fabric through the machine. it is easy to do when pulling the fabric towards you, but can cause a bunched up mess when trying to push the fabric away from you.

even with the less than perfect results, i am not deterred from mastering this technique because i just think it has so much potential. do you use a free motion foot for things other than quilting? if so, shoot me an email and let me know, i would love to try other things.

yay for learning something new!!!

love, tiffin


knitting and a new hobby

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guys, i have found a new hobby! prepare yourself for some serious yarn love on this blog, because i have become obsessed with knitting. to my husbands downfall, i have truly let my inner granny shine as i am even knitting on 10 minute car rides. 

my mom taught me how to crochet a few years back and while i wish it would have stuck, it just didn't. sure, i can muddle through a pattern, but i end up confused about which loop you actually stick the hook back into, i always get turned around. that coupled with left hand pinky cramping because i can't figure out how to hold the tension thread correctly is a recipe for disaster.

not being one to let a medium get the best of me, i asked my mom to teach me how to knit over this past thanksgiving. and, it makes sooooo much more sense to me. one loop and one loop only for the needle to go into. fantastic!

i brought back some of her needles with me, but they kept getting caught up in my clothes and poking my stomach. crazy! so i switched to circular needles and everything has fallen into place. first, i totally winged it and made the infinity scarf which you can see fully documented on my instagram (linwoodavenue). then i made the purple/pink hat. now, while this hat is a pretty cool, perfectly fitting winter hat, it did not turn out to be a slouch hat as i had intended. being a beginner got the best of me and i realized too late that my choice of yarn was all wrong. but, it was sooo pretty (I Love This Yarn brand from Hobby Lobby).

so, for my next hat (top left), i went to my local yarn store and they pointed me to the yarn i should have been using. i used the Parisian Slouch Hat tutorial on Ravelry for this one and it turned out perfect!

next up, i am going to try some arm warmers. you know how i LOVE a good pair of arm warmers!!! but, first i need to go buy another needle (i have bought so much stuff already). but i just taught myself the magic-loop method and it is supposed to make everything much easier.

i'll try to hold my inner granny in as much as possible on this blog, but every now and then i will pop back in with what i have made :)

love, tiffin