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necklaces and a roadtrip

producttiffin mills2 Comments

i am so excited about a new product of mine... neckalces! yep, i have turned my paintings into individual wearable pieces of art. each pendant is a 1" cirlce and the glass dome is slightly rounded which magnifies the artwork.

they will be making their debut along with all my current paintings at Studio Be in Nashville this weekend. check out the show facebook page for more details. even though i just got home from pittsburgh, i am so excited about this roadtrip. it's about 4 hours from atlanta to nashville and i have recruited a friend to be my traveling partner.

any restaurant suggestions? anyone readers local to nashville who might be coming to the show?

the necklaces are $18 and if there are any left after the weekend, i plan on putting them on etsy. that seems to take me forever to do these days though, so if there is one you particularly love, email me and i can get it shipped out to you!

love, tiffin