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May Arts and Faber-Castell collaboration

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when i learned that May Arts and Faber-Castell were doing a blog hop, i had to join them! seriously, they might be two of my favorite artsy companies so it was a complete no-brainer. i was tasked to create a project using May Arts ribbon and Faber-Castell Gelatos and Whipped Spackle. if you know me and are familiar with my work, it shouldn't surprise you that i chose to make some flowers. yes, they would be a perfect gift for valentines day, but really are just a great way to add a pop of color to your house during these grey winter months.

i pulled from my stash Bakers Twine Ribbon, Mini Pom Pom Ribbon and those gorgeous Olive Faux Suede Leaves i love so much to create the flowers. i had used Gelatos before, but the Whipped Spackle and plastic Texture Cards were new to me so i was excited to see if the project would turn out as i had imagined.

to create the leaves, i cut off a small section of the green Gelato, broke it down with a palette knife, then mixed it in with the Whipped Spackle. this mixture was then applied to the tops of leaf shapes i randomly cut out of canvas fabric. the fun part was when i used the texture cards to create the leaf veins. you simply place the card where the center vein should be and then pull towards the leaf edge. to get the natural curved look, i let them dry laying on random objects in my studio rather than on a flat surface. what surprised me was how quickly the spackle dried and it was super light! the leaves were then hot glued to branches along with the May Arts suede leaves. the multiple layering of different textures gives your bouquet a more natural look.

next i created the flowers with a simple pom pom maker and bakers twine. the center section is about an inch of the mini pom trim, rolled up and hot glued into place. it really was so easy! the finished flowers get hot glued onto the stick tops.

below is the line-up for the week - hop on over to each ribbonista's blog for your chance to win a $50 prize pack of Faber-Castell goodies and 3 rolls of May Arts ribbon. to enter, just post a comment on any hop post listed below. good luck!

Emily Lanham
Gini Williams Cagle
Jen Shears

Jenifer Cowles
Tiffin Mills me!!!!

Karen Baker
Lalo IK
Mallika Kejriwal

Mary Brockway
Rhea Weigand

Jennifer Davey
Tracy McLennon
Karen Hanson

a lamp and a book redo

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my first tutorial / redo of 2014!!!  (i should add a disclaimer to please, please don't judge me for the dirty finger prints all over my front door. sure i could have photoshopped them out, but i'm trying to keep it real. and living in a house with 2 boy munchkins means dirt is very real!!!)

so, i needed a lamp for my front hallway. the old one got moved to my bedroom and the small table lamp i replaced it with in the hallway was just not doing the job. the thing about lamps is i hate buying them. since i tend to like large, over scaled lamps, they are generally so very expensive and i have never understand why. this is one of the main reasons i started making my own to sell because i wanted to bring reasonably priced lamps to people.

anyway, i remembered that a few years ago i exiled a large brass urn shaped lamp to the attic. perfect, except it definitely needed a makeover because it was just so bland and boring (the reason it was exiled in the first place).


i thought about decoupaging something onto it or painting it with chalk paint. in the end, decoupage won out once i found an old copy of Great Expectations at the thrift. 4 easy steps and i was done.

  1. spray paint a primer onto the lamp to give the brass finish a slight grip.
  2. cut small sections from a book of your choice (a preferably damaged book since cutting up a perfectly good book ranks right up there a felony in my mind :)
  3. with a foam brush, brush on some mod podge, stick on paper strip and then brush a layer of mod podge over the strip. repeat over entire lamp
  4. spray finished lamp with a clear hi-gloss spray paint.

the only tip i have is to place your book pages so all the text is going the same direction. the final result is pretty busy and i think it would be too busy if some words were upside-down or vertical. but then again, i do tend to be pretty anal when crafting, so disregard this if you are a fly by the seat of your pants kinda crafter!


my favorite part of the lamp is right in the middle of the photo above - "O Estella, Estella!". i probably should have read the book again before i cut it all up!

this project has so many options. how cute would it look with childrens book pages for a kid's room? or music paper?

did you do any out of the box crafting during your holiday down time?

love, tiffin

squirrels and a tutorial

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well, my year on the May Arts design team has come to an end. i have loved working with their ribbon throughout the year and creating out of the box projects. my goal when starting this job was to transform the ribbon into something it wasn't originally intended for and i think i succeeded. for one of my final projects, i created a stuffie squirrel with a rather fluffy may arts ribbon fringe tail.

this is my first (of hopefully many) stuffie patterns, so bear with me, it definitely gave me some challenges :)

click here to make this cuteness!

May Arts and Graphic 45

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it's blog hop time with May Arts, so who is ready for another tutorial?

this time i am bringing you a shadowbox where i combined may arts ribbon with graphic 45 paper and metal embellishments - sort of a scrapbook page on steroids. so many elements in this piece excite me and i can't decide if the wired pom pom ribbon, the metal button or the printed quote is my favorite part!

click here to download the instructions and start crafting!

there are prizes being given away each day, so be sure to check out the May Arts blog for details. make sure to stop by my fellow ribbonista's blogs to see their creations as well today...


tutorial and a blog hop

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for my latest May Arts tutorial, we are doing things a bit differently - a blog hop with a chance to win some goodies. what could be better than that!

making a camera strap has been on my to do list for months now. nothing too complicated, just a bit of prettiness to quickly identify my camera. click here to download the tutorial or, as always, visit my "make-it" page through the link up top to see this and other tutorials.

for the first set of prizes, you can comment anywhere along the hop for a chance to win either a ribbon carousel from May Arts or 4 spools of ribbon from Ribbon Carousel. there are also give-aways happening on both companies facebook pages. all winners will be announced through May Arts on friday, may 4th.

easter and a chick

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happy (soon to be) easter!

this may be my very favorite tutorial that i have created so far for may arts. say hi to my sweet easter chick and click here to download the tutorial so you can have some of this cuteness in your house as well!

she is a mash up of all the things i love - ribbon, vintage jello molds, sewing treasures, and typography. if you can't raid your mothers/grandmothers kitchen for these jello molds, i have lots of luck at yard and estate sales. so much luck that i am overflowing with them in all different shapes and sizes.

what do you think her name should be? she looks like a Millie to me :)

bunnies and banners

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 i have become totally obsessed with easter decorating this year, but not just easter, i am doing an overall spring theme so that it can last longer. i have a table in my entry hall that i always like to change with the seasons and when i recently found and purchased my first dome lid, i knew just what i wanted to do. first, my favorite little iron bunny is decked out with home made pompoms as a necklace. have you ever made pompoms? you are left with a ton of yarn fuzz that usually gets everywhere and on everything. the pink and peach fuzz was so pretty this time around that i sprinkled it on top of the cake plate for some extra texture. when i returned from my trip, i noticed my mom had added some moss she found in my studio. and that's all it took to pull this vignette together.

above the table is a mirror that i strung with my latest mayarts tutorial. this spring banner is so easy and versatile because it can be adapted to any sentiment you want. to download the tutorial, click here. i love this corner and it makes me smile every time i walk down the steps or come through the front door.

link to:
the lettered cottage spring fling party
between naps on the front porch 
vintage gwen
ginger snap crafts
DIY by design

ribbon and shades

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my latest mayarts tutorial is this ribbon embellished vintage lampshade. here is what i wrote as an introduction...

I have a complete obsession with anything lighting related. If I see a wire lampshade frame at a yard sale, I can’t pass it, especially the vintage ones, which have such pretty details. I use them as risers on a party buffet, displays for my festival booth, you name it. This tutorial shows how you can embellish them, but still keep their original shape. Best of all? It is super easy and can be accomplished in under half and hour.

click here to download my latest make-it!