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project life month cards and sewing

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remember when i said i was getting obsessive about my project life 2014 binder being cohesive all the way through? well, sewn month name cards is my first step. it all began with the purchase of this little foot for my sewing machine.


and let me tell you, it was MUCH, MUCH harder than i expected. i used my favorite disappearing ink pen to hand write the months onto scrap canvas and started stitching. the pic on the left was my first try and is supposed to say "january" but i'm not really sure what happened after "jan..."! can i just pretend that i let my 9 year old take over??? eventually i got the hang of it and finished 12 months. they are still a bit wonky, but i love them just the same.

the thing about the free motion foot that i never realized until i read the instructions is that you actually have to drop the feed dogs on your sewing machine. you know, those little grabbers on the bottom plate that actually do all the work for you. this surprised me the most that i had to forcefully move the fabric through the machine. it is easy to do when pulling the fabric towards you, but can cause a bunched up mess when trying to push the fabric away from you.

even with the less than perfect results, i am not deterred from mastering this technique because i just think it has so much potential. do you use a free motion foot for things other than quilting? if so, shoot me an email and let me know, i would love to try other things.

yay for learning something new!!!

love, tiffin


picture taking and project life

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well, i have started down the rabbit hole of project life. i was gifted the plastic sleeves, the midnight edition core kit and another pack of 4x6 graph paper cards for christmas. i can already tell that this is a project you could easily obsess over!

before i started, i really thought about how i want this memory keeper to work for me. i settled on doing a spread a month to get my toes wet. maybe some year in the future, i will feel confident enough to tackle a spread per week, but for now, i think i will have my hands full documenting by the month. and in all honesty, i really don't think my little family does that many interesting things from week to week. i mean, how many pics of laying on the couch watching tv, or sitting at the table doing homework can i show!

i know that it would drive me crazy if the finished binder was not cohesive. i want a common thread to tie all the months together, so i am currently working on month cards that match (follow me on instagram-linwoodavenue to get a sneak peek.) i chose the black, grey and yellow core cards because i think they are the most flexible and i won't tire of those colors quickly. some of the kit packs are so bright and colorful, that i know i would cringe looking at my spreads when the year comes to a close.

next, i had to make decisions on the type of pics i want. this is a family binder, so i probably won't add many pics of my art/crafting to it, it will just be our foursome on a day to day basis. the boys are used to looking straight at the camera and smiling when i take a pic, so i think it will take some time to move towards candids. i also want to be conscious about not stressing out about messy backgrounds. when i look back on my childhood pics, the thing i love the most is seeing the packaging of the cereal box on the table or looking at what toys i was playing with at the time of the photo. this project is not about being perfect, but being real.

i just completed january's spread. i know, i know, january isn't even over yet, but i'm an overachiever, what can i say :) i love how i am already starting to look at things differently. i photographed a fire in the fireplace on that 10 degree weather day, the frost patterns on our back door, my munchkins drinking hot chocolate at 9 at night after we got the news that school would be cancelled for two days. it is definitely the little things!

i will update you guys monthly on my spreads and hopefully pass on a bit of inspiration. have any of you started documenting through project life? i would love to see what you are working on!!!

love, tiffin