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snow days and the south

familytiffin mills5 Comments

this was tuesday as my munchkins ran off the bus after a 30 min. early dismissal from school. right around this time, all hell was breaking lose all around atlanta. you've all heard the reports which were honestly pretty tame to what was happening, so i won't dwell on all the difficulty, but instead i thought i would show you a snippet of pure childhood joy...

yep, that's a cardboard box that munchkin #2 was sliding down the driveway in. i'm a terrible mom, because i didn't make a run to ace hardware for the last sled in sight, so instead, they had to make do. and had so much fun doing so i might add!

for the past three days (and tomorrow i would guess since school is cancelled again) we have had a lot of family fun. walks in the snow, sledding, snow eating, snowball throwing and hot chocolate drinking. 

it only happens about once every 4 years, so we try to make the joy last as long as possible!

love, tiffin