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camellia and a canvas

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i love my camellia drawing so much, that i find myself using it over and over in different applications. this is a 5x7 piece on a cradled canvas that i made a few days ago. i used vintage paper, golden fluid acrylics, a white gellyroll pen for highlights, pattern paper and...

vintage crocheted trim to finish it off.

now, the question is - what do i do with all these canvases i am making???

dreams and introspection

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this is the last piece of my 3 orange/brown canvases. they are currently hanging in my bedroom and i just love them, i just love this new style i have discovered.

i think people get caught up in life and put their dreams on the back burner, they do this so often that they completely forget about reaching for the stars. it's always good to have a little reminder.

hearing and listening

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do you all know about The Brave Girls Club daily emails? i absolutely love them and i know you will too. if you sign up, you get a daily inspirational email telling you various words of wisdom that you have probably needed at one point or another in your life. just a quick little read to set your day off on the right foot.

in each email, they share a birdie art piece from submissions they receive. last thursday, i was lucky enough to have this new canvas featured. so exciting! the more and more i travel down this art path, i am reminded that all it takes to get your work out there is to put it out there. simple enough, right? so why is it so hard to take the first step and write the first inquiry letter, the first submission letter?

if you have an email or a request for submission that you have been holding on to and have been hesitant to hit the send button, please, please just do it. push that button and send your dreams out into the universe. chances are you will be pleasantly surprised about what you receive back.

itches and directions

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inspiration has struck! i am so happy that i am finally able to say that. since i returned from portland in october, i have had some canvases sitting around the studio just waiting to be decorated. the problem is that they just kept sitting there, unadorned. last week, i had an itch to dive in and i am so happy i did. seriously, i could barely wait for glue to dry in between layers.

i have 4 more of these in the works and really am feeling such a rush of excitement. i know it sounds silly, but this past week, with all the stress of work lifted, i feel like a real artist.

sleeping and dreaming

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here is my latest original piece for my up coming show - a sweet dreamy tulip. i will have a total of 5 framed canvases ranging in size from 8x10 to 20x24. i have a million ideas for these canvases, but am using the show as a coming out party to see how they are received. good thoughts people, good thoughts!

today was supposed to be the day that i checked a lot off my to do list, but instead i woke up wishing i could go back to bed and sleep off a head cold that formed overnight. i have design work to start and a very important leap forward article to write for a magazine, but all i can do is dream about summer and days spent at the pool with my little munchkins.

i always have tomorrow, right?